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Why Listing Your Space On Maqsad ?


Listing on Maqsad increases your space's visibility in the market, helping you attract new customers.

   Increased Revenues

By virtue of increased visibility, Maqsad can help you monetize your space more efficiently.
You'll benefit from access to a new group of interesting and ambitious paying customers.

    Your Rules

You set the dates, prices, availability and You will be notified when a customer wants to book your space. Either accept or reject. It's that easy.

    Manage the reservations for your Space

Designed with your Space in mind, Maqsad elegantly eliminates the booking issues faced on a daily basis by Space providers large and small.

   Cost effective channel

Listing your space on Maqsad is free and you can add many spaces as you want.
We make money when you do!
We only charge a small fee of 10% when a booking is confirmed.

Do you have empty, excess unused or unique space to be shared?

Maqsad can help you earn extra cash from your unused space.
Maqsad will offer your space to someone for rent, on a flexible and short-term periods.
Add your space now and fill out the simple venue details via the button below.